Why Buy A Pre-Owned Fur?
Buying a new fur coat is a lot like buying a new automobile. Similar to an automobile, a fur is not an investment.  A new fur depreciates the minute you take it out of the showroom. In that respect, one reason to buy pre-owned, versus new, is that it has already depreciated. Now, you can buy a luxury fur at a fraction of the cost of a new fur.
To buy a pre-owned fur is a form of recycling. You’re actually helping the environment when you wear a pre-owned fur! The actual fur itself will outlive the design style. All furs can be redesigned to become a more fashionable garment or to accommodate our changing body types/shapes. Also, a fur taken care of properly will probably out live the usefulness of a man made coat probably by 50 years or so.
Pre-owned furs that are maintained properly will retain their value for years to come.
      Excellent quality pre-owned furs at a           
      price that makes you feel like a million! 
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