We will gladly layaway a purchase for you. Strict adherence to our policies is important, so please read this before you commit to a purchase:
TERMS: A 20% deposit is required to start your layaway and is due immediately after your layaway order is received. If deposit payment is not received within three (3) business days, your order will be canceled. There are NO additional charges for layaway. Furs will be shipped when paid in full.
CANCELLATION TERMS: You may cancel your layaway plan at any time; however, we DO NOT issue refunds on ANY payments made prior to cancellation. There will be NO exceptions.
LENGTH OF LAYAWAY: You may choose a layaway plan of four (4) or eight (8) months in length (20% per month for 4 months or 10% per month for 8 months).
PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payments are due on the first calendar day of the second month after the initial payment is received.  For example: if initial payment was received July 5th, the second payment must be received by September 1st and subsequent payments must be received by the first of each month thereafter, until paid in full. We accept cashier's checks or certified checks for layaway payments.  Make all checks payable to Myra's Minks.   Any check that fails to clear the bank will incur an additional $35 fee. We are sorry, but we cannot accept credit card payments for layaway purchases.
ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: Upon receiving your layaway order, you will be sent an email outlining terms, layaway total, payment dates, payment amounts and Acceptance of Terms statement.  We must receive your signed Acceptance of Terms Statement along with the 20% deposit to commence the layaway transaction. 
PAYMENT IN FULL: You have the right to pay your layaway in full anytime before the due date with no penalty charges.
LATE PAYMENTS: If any layaway payment is seven (7) days overdue, you will receive a cancellation notice.  NO refunds will be made. Please see cancellation terms.
RETURN POLICY: We do not accept returns/exchanges or issue refunds on layaway purchases.
ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: Upon receiving your layaway order, you will be sent an email giving you your layaway total and an outline of your terms, payment dates, payment amounts and Acceptance of Terms statement.  The Acceptance of Terms statement must be signed and returned along with your 20% deposit to commence your layaway.
Phone: 706-999-1411
Cell: 305-342-2263
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